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1. How to register? Standard registration- fill the short form , accept the Policy and the Terms of Use . You will receive a confirmation link on your email address. Your account will be activated by clicking the activation link.
2. I forgot my password. What now? There is no need to worry. Click the ‘I’ve forgotten login/ password’ button and put your email address which you provided to us in registration procedure. You will receive an email with new password. We advise to change your password as soon as you will be able to log in. It only takes a few minutes. Easy, isn’t it? 3. How can I add my advert/offer? Before you start adding your advert/offer, get your pictures and description of accommodation ready. Next, log in into your account and click the ’add offer’ button. Fill in the short form. Make sure that all information is true and accurate. Your offer will be displayed on our map and customers will find it with no problem. 4. You can pay online by Przelewy24 and PayPal or you can transfer money into our bank account 5. I have a problem with completing the payments and I haven’t received the confirmation yet. If you have a problem while paying online for some products or services, please contact us by email on kontakt@travelysta.pl. 6. Is there other way I can pay for my subscription? There are a few methods you can choose from: Przelewy24, PayPal and transfer into our account. We want to improve this facility and give you more options in this matter very soon. 7. When will my offer be displayed on the website? Your accommodation offer will be displayed as soon as we receive the payment confirmation from Przelewy24 or PayPal.
If you transfer money into our account please put in title reference your first name, surname, email address and the name of hotel/accommodation. This will speed up displaying your offer. 8. How do I edit my offer? To edit your offer you need to log in into your account and click the ‘YOURS OFFERS’ button. Next, click the ‘EDIT’ button. Remember to save your changes. 9. How many pictures can I attach? You can attach max.15 picture to your offer. Make sure the pictures are accurate and in good quality. 10. How long do I have to wait for translation? We try to translate the offers as soon as possible, depending on how busy we are. This may take up to 5 working days. 11. How do I find accommodation? It’s very simple and quick. On our home page choose the region of Poland you are interested in and then choose the filter which helps you searching for the accommodation. 12. How do I get in contact with a hotel/ the owner of accommodation? We provide you with short pre-booking form where you can put important information such as number of nights, date of coming and a number of guests. You can also check the availability of the accommodation. This method of contact saves your time. You can also just ring or email the hotel/ the owner 13. How can I rate (edit the review) the hotel I have stayed in? Log in into your account and click the ‘YOURS REVIEWS ‘button. Choose ‘NEW REVIEW’ at the top of the page and fill in the form. Next, click the ‘SEND’ button. The review will be displayed as soon as it’s accepted by administrator. If you can’t see you review it means that it may violate one of the sections in our Policy or the Terms of Use. 14. Do reviews have to be approved by the administrator? We try to set and maintain high standard of the reviews on our Website. Before displaying the review, it has to be checked and accepted. We have to ensure it’s appropriate. 15. Why my review is not approved? It’s probably because it may have violated our Policy or the Terms of Use. 16. Do I have to log in to add my review? Yes, as we mentioned in section 14 we try to set high standards of our services and also the reviews. That’s why we don’t allow third parties or unauthorised people to write reviews about the accommodation they might have not even stayed in. 17. How can I delete my account? If you decided to delete your account, please contact us on kontakt@travelysta.pl. Your account will be deleted in 24 hours from the moment of receiving the request. We always ask to consider your decision first.