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1.Terms of Use for advertisers
Registration and login procedures 1a. Registration and access to our website is completely free.
1b. You need to register for an account by filling short registration form and accepting the Policy and the Terms of Use. We will send a confirmation link to the email you provided. Your account will be activated by clicking the confirmation link.
1c. You log in to Travelysta.pl by putting your login details and a password that you have the only access to.
1d. If you forget your password, you can use the ‘’retrieve password’’ button which is placed below login box. You will need to provide your email address you registered your account with. Next, follow the instructions you receive in the email.
1e. You will not be able to change your password if you provide incorrect details.
1f. Do not share your login details (login and password) with third parties.
1g. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account by protecting your password and restricting access to your account.
1h. Our priority is to ensure the security during login/registration procedures.
1i. In order to register for an account, you will need to provide your first name, surname, address, email address, telephone number and a password. Also any member/customer can attach a picture.
1j. The information, offers and notifications will be sent to an email provided in registration procedure.
1k. We do not take responsibility for incorrect email address that is provided to us. 2. MEMBER'S ACCOUNT 2a. A member is allowed to have only one account. We will check the account and delete if 2.a section is not applied. The administrator will contact the customer to notify of any actions.
2b. Registered member has an access to any services provided on our website.
2c Registered members have access to ‘’ administrative panel’’ which allows to make changes in your personal information (email, address, password, login, name, picture, telephone number). The ‘administrative panel’ allows you to edit or update your offers.
2d. It is strictly forbidden to sell or lent an account to third parties or others.
2e. It is prohibited to use racial, threatening,, harassing login details that may disparage any ethnic, political, sexual or religious groups.
2f. It is forbidden to use the account for different purposes than originally stated.
2g. Your offer must be true, accurate with relevant description and correct hyperlink. If any of the details or information is incorrect we will ask you to change it.
2i. If section 2g is violated, you will be asked to amend your offer within 2 working days from the moment of receiving the request from us. If your offer is not amended after 2 working days, the administrator is obligated to delete the offer and your account. Any costs the advertiser has for adding wrong information/offer is not refundable.
3. ADDING, EDITING, DELETING OFFERS. 3a. Registered advertiser receives an account with an access to the ‘administrative panel’.
3b. The ‘administrative panel’ allows to make changes in your personal information, edit your offers, renew your subscription for the next months and add LAST MINUTE option.
3c. ‘LAST MINUTE’ option is valid for a period of 30 days. This option is chargeable. It should present special offer for customers.
3d. Advertiser can add pictures and a short description of the accommodation.
3e. We can translate your offers (English-Polish, Polish- English). This option is chargeable. Prices are determined by translation company cooperating with Travelysta.pl ( Travelysta.com ).
3f. Your offer will be translated as soon as possible depending on how busy we are at the time.
3g. If you want your offer to be translated, please contact us on kontakt@travelysta.pl.
3h. If advertiser deletes an offer before a subscription expires, we do not refund the money.
3i. Every newly added and paid offer gets 30 free days publication time.
3j. 30 free days publication period does not include LAST MINUTE option.
3k. If any technical problems (excluding technical breaks caused in order to improve the server or caused by weather conditions) occur, we compensate it by giving you a discount for next subscription.
3o. The discount mentioned in section 3.k is calculated: the amount of money for subscription is divided by the number of days the server was not working.
3p. You can apply for a discount if the technical break is longer than 4 hours. In order to receive the discount, please contact the administrator of the server.
3r. Technical breaks that are not our fault cannot be compensated. 4.PAYMENTS AND COMPLAINTS. 4a. If you want to add an offer you need to register for an account. Next, choose from 3 available subscriptions and pay for the one you choose.
4b. To add LAST MINUTE option you need to fill a short form and make a payment. Period of LAST MINUTE option is 30 days.
4c. An offer can be renewed. Please use ‘the administrative panel’ when you login.
4d. We will inform you when your subscription is due renewal.
4e. If you do not renew your offer, we will stop displaying it on the server. You will still have a chance to renew your subscription. If you don’t renew your subscription within 3 months, your offer, pictures and account will be deleted from the server.
4f. If you remove your offer, the payment for the subscription will not be refundable.
4g. Payments can be made by using Przelewy24. Paying online is free of charge. Any commissions and charges for online payments services are payable by Travelysta.pl ( travelysta.pl ).
4i. Any complaints regarding online payment procedure on Przelewy24 please direct to DialCom24.
4j. Travelysta.pl does not take responsibility for not providing correct information by advertiser or not following correct step while completing the paying procedure. Your complaint must content advertiser’s email address, transaction number, amount, first and last name, account holder name, transaction date, and name of the bank the money was transferred to. If you paid via text message, please provide the telephone number.
4k. We re-direct your complaint to DialCom24.
4l. DialCom24 obligates to investigate any complaint received through Travelysta.pl and reply within 24 hours.
4l. DialCom24 will refund the money transferred on Travelysta.pl account through Przelewy24. If Travelysta.pl does not have sufficient information to complete the procedure of refunding the money, the commission will not be refundable. Moreover Travelysta.pl will pay the cost of the transfer (see price list). 4m. After 90 days from transaction, DialCom24 is not obligated to investigate the complaint.
4n. Travelysta.pl accepts methods of payments via Przelewy24. The terms of Conditions of the payments you can find in the Policy of Przelewy24 on www.przelewy24.pl/cms,37,regulamin.htm. Like Przelewy24 we set 15 minutes time limit to complete the payment.
4n. If the transaction is accepted by Przelewy24, the information about the complete transaction is sent to Travelysta.pl
4o. If the transaction is not accepted (as the 15 minutes time limit was exceeded), Przelewy24 will send the information to Travelysta.pl informing of this fact.
4o. In case of receiving the payment after exceeding time limit, Przelewy24 titles the payment as ‘to use’, called pre-payment.
4p. Przelewy24 confirms the payments by credit or debit cards, ‘electronic wallet’ via external companies.
4q. The information regarding complete payment made by credit or debit card or ‘electronic wallet’ is sent immediately to Travelysta.pl. The actual transfer into Travelysta.pl account is made in a few working days.
4r. More information, policies and terms regarding payments procedures via Przelewy24 can be found on the website. Paying methods (debit or credit card, ‘electronic wallet’) are available on the server basing on other policies, terms and conditions which can be found on the website of Przelewy24.
4s. Przelewy24 can propose paying using different methods like coupons, vouchers or scratch cards. More information is available on other policy.
4s. If you use a bank which is available on Przelewy24, the transaction is accessible immediately on the account and the information is sent to Travelysta.pl within a few minutes.
4t. You can find a list of banks you choose from on Przelewy24’s website. A service of specific banks can be temporarily unavailable (especially during technical breaks dependent on bank and internet connection issues. 5. REVIEW. 5a. Every offer can be reviewed and rated by customers who stayed in a hotel or accommodation for at least one night.
5b. A review is approved by administrator within 24 hours. Every positive or negative comment (approved by the administrator) will be displayed on the website.
5c. The advertiser or the owner of the accommodation cannot affect or influence the administrator’s decision regarding approving reviews.
5d. Rating is divided into 6 categories; location, cleanliness, communication, service, value for money, facilities.
5e. Customers evaluate the hotel/accommodation with star-rating system from 1 to 5.
5f. Range of stars: 1- terrible, 2- bad, 3- good, 4- very good, 5-fantastic.
5g. The final rating is the average rating obtained by the customer explained in section 5h.
5h. The number of customer’s points are added up and divided by the number of categories (6).
6. PRE-BOOKING SERVICE. 6a. Pre-booking accommodation is not the same as making reservation. Pre-booking is made by contacting the staff of the hotel( reception) or its owner.
6b. Pre-booking is available to everyone by sending enquires consisting information such as accommodation date, number of night, number of rooms and number of guests. The enquiry is sent to the hotel which is obligated to contact you regarding your request. Also a copy of your enquiry is sent to you email address.
6c. Travelysta.pl does not take any responsibility if the hotel does not reply to an enquiry.
6d. The same procedures (sections 4a and 4c) regarding pre-booking accommodation also applies to Last Minutes offers.
6e. Pre-booking service is completely free. Travelysta.pl will never ask for a payment for using the server from customers of the Website.
7. INFORMATION ABOUT THE OWNER / ADMINISTRATOR OF TRAVELYSTA.PL ( TRAVELYSTA.COM ) 7a. Travelysta.pl is the only owner and the administrator of the server which is located in 34 Colbran Street, BB10 3DP Burnley, Lancashire, England.
7b. The main contact with the owner/administrator is by email address: kontakt@travelysta.com.
7c. Travelysta.pl is located in Great Britain which is the reason why we prefer contact you by email. Customers willing to contact us by telephone must be prepared for extra cost as telephone operator rates may vary.
7d. The administrator of Travelysta.pl contacts the customer by telephone only when it is necessary.
7e. If you want to contact the administrator, you are responsible for the costs incurred.
7f. If administrator contacts a customer by telephone, the customer does pay extra costs.
7g. Travelysta.pl is a tourist server (accommodation server) presenting polish accommodation offers with the pre-booking facility. Our mission is to promote polish tourism.
7h. Any information and picture on the website are owned by the owner of Travelysta.pl. Copying and reproducing any content of the website without owner’s knowledge is prohibited. In case of abuse of copyrights, the further actions will be taken.
7i. Server Travelysta.pl ( Travelysta.com ) uses information and pictures for own and marketing purposes (including pictures created by the owner of the website) and companies cooperating with the server. Any information and pictures are purchased or published with agreement of the author. We possess licences and invoices for any material we purchased. We reserve the right to distribute and publish some pictures, information and offers in order to promote them on social networks and for advertising.
7j. The owner of Travelysta.pl is also the owner of website domains www.travelysta.com and www.travelysta.pl
8. OTHER DEFINITIONS, TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 8b. Advertiser- company or person presenting offers of the accommodation through the website.
8c.Administrator– a staff member of Travelysta.pl that is permitted to edit any content provided by customers, members, and advertisers (including reviews and accommodation offers).
8d. Policy- terms and conditions applicable to customers, members of the Website including the administrator and staff members of Travelysta.pl
8e. As a condition of your use of he Website, you warrant Travelysta.pl that you will not use this Website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms, conditions and notices. Also you agree not to act of the detriment of the Website, the owner of the website and other customers and members of the website.
8f. Any complaints or issues between the owner of the website and a member will be settle out of court. If the action does not bring any effects, we will be obliged to take a legal action, including bringing a case to the court. (the country depends on a place of residence of the person taking legal actions.
8g. The policy is issued from the date of activation of the website Travelysta.pl which is 1st of April 2014. The policy may be updated in the future. You will be notified of any changes to the policy and the Terms of Conditions 14 days before applying. If customer does not agree with the policy, please contact us to delete your account. The account will be deleted in 24 hours from the moment of receiving the request.

Last update at: 24 October 2014